Share accounts may be started by a $5.00 deposit. Dividends are paid each quarter on share accounts. Share accounts that are offered as follows:

  • Regular share account
  • Minimum Balance Share Account
  • IRA Share Account
  • Christmas Share Account
  • Share Draft Account
  • Share Certificate
  • Direct Deposit Share Account

The Direct Deposit Share Account is for members who need to have their paychecks deposited into an account at a financial institution, but do not have or want a checking account.

We also have ATM/Debit Cards for members who have checking accounts. These check cards can be used instead of a check when making purchases and can also be used to withdraw money from the checking account. These cards have an annual fee of $12.

Types of Accounts

AHCFCU offers a variety of ways for you to save at your credit union. These accounts come with many benefits including account access 24/7 through our VOICE RESPONSE telephone banking at 1-855-538-2642

Share Accounts

Share Draft Account (FREE Checking)

  • No monthly service charge
  • No minimum balance required
  • Unlimited check writing
  • MasterCard debit card ($1.00 monthly fee)
  • Free checks for members over 55 (with direct deposit)
  • Online access
  • Free e-statements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Voice Response Telephone Banking

Regular Share Account (Savings)

A savings account at a credit union is called a share account. This is required to be a member. A minimum of $5.00 must be maintained in the account as long as you are a member. You are allowed 4 free withdrawals a quarter without penalty. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Minimum Balance Share Account

Earn higher dividends while still having access to funds with up to 4 free withdrawals a quarter. A minimum opening balance of $5,000.00 is required to open and maintain the account. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Club Accounts

To help our members save for Christmas, we offer a Christmas Club Account. A penalty for early withdrawal may apply.

Investment Accounts

Share Certificates

Earn higher dividends on certificates. A minimum opening balance of $2,500.00 is required to open a certificate account. We offer a 1 year term and dividends are paid quarterly. A penalty for early withdrawal may apply.

Traditional IRA / ROTH IRA

Save for retirement and earn a high fixed rate on an IRA Share Account. For your convenience, we can help you set up a new IRA and transfer an existing IRA or 401k to this.