Fee Schedule


Effective: January 1, 2023
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee$5.00 ( Per Item if more than four (4) withdrawals per quarter )
Christmas Share Account Early Withdrawal Fee$10.00
Abandoned Share Draft Fee$5.00 per month
Abandoned Share Acct Fee$5.00 per quarter
Inactive Share Account Fee$5.00 per quarter ( balance of $50.00 or less and no activity for one year )
Return Deposit Check Fee$25.00
Overdraft Fee (auto overdraft)$5.00
Check Photo Fee$3.00
Stop Payment Fee$25.00
NSF Returned Item Fee$25.00
NSF Paid Item Fee$25.00
NSF ACH Loan Payment Fee$10.00
Acct. Closure Fee$10.00 (If closed within 60 days of opening)
Direct Deposit Acct Fee$5.00 Per month
Check Cashing Fee$2.00 to $35.00 (Depending on type of check to be cashed)
Check Cashing Fee (Non-members)$5.00 per check
Transaction Print Out Fee$1.00 per page
Paper Statement Fee$2.00 per month/quarter (65 years of age or younger)
Wire Transfer Fee$20.00
Third Party Check Fee$2.00/if we mail it $3.00
Loan Request Fee$25.00 per applicant
Loan Late Payment Feeover 10 days- $20.00
Fax Fee$1.00 per page
Skip a Payment Fee$25.00 per loan
Telephone Transfer Fee$1.00 per transfer
Debit card Replacement Fee$5.00
Title/UCC Filing Fee$10.00 to $16.00
Statement Copy Fee$5.00
Levy/Garnishment Request Fee$50.00